when we planned the trip i was adamant i wanted to spend  a lot of time in coral bay and exmouth – kris wasn’t sure it was going to be worth it. fair enough: she isn’t particularly confident in the water, doesn’t dive and doesn’t really enjoy boats either.

ask her now. seeing a brilliantly blue clam shell, watching a turtle zip through the water, snorkeling with a red and white lion fish … she is a convert now.

we were all sad to leave coral bay yesterday, our last day on the ningaloo reef – for now.

our advice would be this: if you are not planning to see ningaloo you need to change that, soon. if you are planning to come here, double the amount of time you are planning to stay here. while coral bay is really not an exciting place (basically two caravan parks and a few odd buildings, most of them sad examples of what can only optimistically be described as architecture) the reef just a few meters off-shore is stunning. exmouth is a lot bigger but the reef is not as dense there and we found it to be generally windier as well. on the upside this is where the dugongs and the dolphins are.

summers are apparently unbearably hot but spring or autumn is a good time to visit, the water probably being better in autumn. in november / december turtles come ashore to lay their eggs and in march the hatchlings can be seen making their way into the ocean. winter is whale shark season, the manta rays hang around all year round.

short impressions of coral bay – from the air.

our next stop is karratha, a mining town on the north coast. the landscape on the way is mostly flat, as in really flat.

but the moonrise on the dampier peninsula is fantastic.

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