the obvious answer is that you really can’t avoid it if you want to go east across the top. well you could, it is actually a little detour (towards the west) but why would you?

the sunset is just as amazing as anywhere on the western seaboard. that alone should be worth a stay. here is another sunset photo for good measure.

then there is of course the fact that broome is a large town – compared to anything within a radius of about 1000 km anyway. that makes it a good place to stock up – and of course i have made a few little tweaks to the caravan again: i now have a quick connect grey water hose. not impressed? i guess you are not the one connecting / disconnecting it every time we move.

we went to the movies, too. the oldest open air cinema in the world! it is very cool to sit under the starlit sky and watch a movie (‘incredibles 2’ in our case). i can see why this type of cinema didn’t last as long in say melbourne or perth.

but wait, there is more. we’ve only been here for a day! we’ll also go to see the dinosaur footprints if the tide is low enough so we can access them; there are at least 3 different sites, let’s see if we can find them. And we will go to see the snubfin dolphins. i suspect nat will declare them the cutest things in the world. you’ll have to wait for the next instalment of the ‘my …‘ series.

in the meantime we’ll enjoy the 30 degrees winter weather. we’d send some sunshine to our poor friends in the south if we could …