ivanhoe crossing is located just north of kununurra. it is one of the iconic water crossings of the ord river. it must have been a lot wilder in the past, before the dam was built; now the release of water is controlled and the crossing is deep enough to make it fun but not so deep a proper four-by is in any danger of being swept away.

the crossing is well constructed and basically a proper, if submerged, road. and of course, since this is the north of australia, there are crocs around. they are generally not visible, but that’s just why they are so dangerous.

below a bit of video from the crossing. i made kris cross (see what i did there) six times before i thought i had the footage i wanted.

btw; kris did all the snowflake & thorny driving, i did the drone driving.

3 thoughts on “ivanhoe crossing.”

  1. really impressive footage ! Your videos are getting quite professional: steady, perfect light and all… I am a bit jealous because you have such great motives for pics and videos!
    How often did you go up and down the crossing?

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