Well, seems like you would like some more stories right? You have come to the right place. Today you will be reading about the my legendary adventures on the Gibb River Road. The story of this great long adventure starts in Derby. Derby, a very nice dry place with lots of boabs. Boabs are really big fat trees with lots of artistic bodies with nuts that are used for carving in the aboriginal culture. Our day in derby was nice but hot. We woke up early and hopped on a plane and flew to see the Horizontal Falls.

It was just a bit boring because I wasn’t allowed steer this time but I can’t always do what I want to do. The Horizontal Falls were just wow and the trip there and back was pretty cool too.

The next day we went to Birdwood Station, it was really nice and to all those horse lovers: they have beautiful horses to ride. The first afternoon there, before I went horse riding, I went to explore the area with mom and I saw: two pregnant horses, two foals, ginny fouls (gyöngy csirke in hungarian),

peacocks, chickens, two stick insects

and a butterfly.

Later I was allowed to ride a gentle old horse called Rocky. I went on a trail ride instead of a lesson and I loved every second of it.

The next morning I got up at 5:40 so I could help feed the horses. After that I had a proper breakfast and then went back to plait Rocky’s hair while he ate and I think he looks handsome with those cute braids.

I was allowed to go for a ride again. This time I went on a small trot around the arena first and then went on a small trail ride. After a final brush and wash we brought the horses backing their paddock. After that we tragically left.

Our next camp was next to Windjana Gorge. The gorge was beautiful and was full of… CROCS!!!

Only freshies though. I counted about 24  crocs and most were about 1.5m long but only because they were youngsters. The adults grow to about 4 m but I did see one that was about 3 m long. I don’t want to scare you or sound like I am bragging but I think I have a bit of guts because I wasn’t scared to go about 2.5 m from a small crock on the bank. (photo is on the “front”)

The next day we went on to an aboriginal tour of Tunnel Creek. I enjoyed the tour and thought that what the man said about his culture was interesting.

In the creek it was mostly dark with some cat fish and yabbie in the water. On our way in and out of the creek our tour guide shows us paintings made by his ancestors

and some cute bats too. can you see anything in this photo to do with Harry Potter?

I thought this was an interesting experience and I you are in the area try it out…

to be continued.