i did mention yesterday that we decided to take the chicken option: the long way on the smooth tarmac.

as expected there was not too much excitement, except maybe for natalie who found another snake to pat at the little roper homestead. unfortunately for her she then had to use the 8 hours in the car to catch up on your study.

we are no strangers to long drives but today’s was a monster leg: 733 km south, then east.

sections of the bush on the side of the road had been burnt off and we found a few of these white figures on the black earth; we called them ghost trees. i think that hit the mark in more than one way.

you know there is not much to see if these are the most exciting views.

but wait, there is more.

dress up termite mounds!

move aside shop mannequins, these guys are biodegradable!

and some are seriously fashion conscious! they pretty much line every highway up here. so much to see …