we spoke to some more people and the consensus is that the road between domagee and borroloola is not too good. we therefore decided to take the long way round: we’ll go south between the tanami desert and the barkly ranges, then turn east at three ways and hope to get to the barky roadhouse tomorrow. it’ll be a long day but there is really not much to see on the way.

form barkly we’ll try to reach adel’s grove the next day, another longer drive, especially since there will be a bit of unsealed road as well. we’ll see how far we get, there are always campsites near the road if we run out of daylight.

mataranka was nice for the day; especially bitter springs is really worth a stop. the water is crystal clear and warm. a slow current takes swimmers down to an exit point.

the mataranka hot springs on the south side are similar. this is the place referred to in the famous book ‘we of the never never’. btw: those are bats in the trees, not coconuts.

there is a replica of the homestead near the springs, which was built for the shooting of the movie.