After saying goodbye to Kakadu NP we left for Katherine. On our first afternoon there I spent time with my new friends that I met at Jim Jim falls. We played lego, a card game, went to the pool and watched a movie with popcorn. The next day was a bit sad because they left but there was something great too: the Outback Experience. The show was at the farm just outside Katherine. The presenter started by showing us how to break in a new horse.

In the middle of the horse part of the show I went to feed some baby cows

but afterwards I went strait back to the show. After the first part the presenters assistance brought out a couple of animals to pat (through the fence of course) like a donkey,

a mule,

some buffalo (which I got to cool of with a hose),

a bull

and is it a bird? is it a plane? No it’s a, a horse bed / neck massage !?!

After that we moved to a bigger arena for the dog presentation. The dogs we mostly border collies but there were a few golden kelpies and other breeds.

I loved it because of all the cute doggies. After that came the best part of the show… the puppies!!! I fell in love with one and only let him go to play a bit.

I named the one I liked Spot because he had a spot on his head and his sister Sky because she had blue eyes. I was so sad to leave him, MY baby puppy.

In the afternoon we went to Katherine springs. The water was lovely and warm. After it started to get dark though we had to head back to camp. Next day we left early in the morning to go on the Katherine Gorge cruise. I enjoyed it. It was beautiful and on our walk to the second gorge I saw a golden tree snake. The second gorge was nice too. On the way back we saw the snake again.

Afterwards, on our way back, we went to Top Didj to book in for the afternoon. At Top Didj I fed some of the cute agile wallabies in the garden. They were all used to people because they were rescued; when they tried to release them they knew that they would get food at the house so they decided to stay. After booking me in for the afternoon program we went to see an aboriginal art shop. I found a really nice painting of sugar gliders that we bought.

Later on we left to go to Top Didj. After mum and dad left I got to feed one of the baby wallabies.


Sooooo cute!!!! Then we went to a little shaded area and an aboriginal man called Manuel told us about his life. Then he showed us how to paint in the traditional way of his people. I painted a bat.

Afterwards we learned how to make a fire with fire sticks

and went hunting using spears and a spear thrower.

before we left i had to say good bye to the friendly wallabies to i had a little play fight with one.

Again we went to the springs afterwards and then went to bed.

The next day we left and our next stop was Little Roper Station. At Little Roper they had one big olive python called King Karl, two children’s pythons called Bangles and Wrist Band

this is wrist band

and a 30cm salt water crock called Nip (because of the sound it makes). After booking in we all went down to Bitter springs and Mataranka springs. Bitter springs was really nice, hot and filled with algae. The current was good so I got my board out and floated down stream a couple of times. On the way on one of my rounds my friend spotted a young turtle. The next spring, Mataranka springs, had lots of stinky bats at the entrance and a small man-made pool. Later on, after coming back from the springs we went to a nice, small restaurant and I got schnitzel. When we got home it was dark. At the toilets I found one frog on the toilet seat, one dwarf green tree frog in the shower and one frog in each flood hole in the sink. I loved them and I thought it was really funny.

The next morning before leaving I spent a really long time holding two beautiful snakes called Bangles and Wrist Band. Our next stop is Barkly homestead. Barkley homestead wasn’t too bad but it was such a long journey getting there. The pizza was nice though.

Fun fact: when there were no diseases on bats the aboriginals used to cook and eat them by whacking them out of the tree. They can help treat asthma!

sorry about the photos more will be put in soon. Till next time, bye