it is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing of our friend and companion zippy the little camera drone. he died doing what he liked best, zipping around trying to get the best shot for this blog.

but just like icarus he found that when you get close to the sun – or in his case the trees on the banks of the lawn hill creek – you burn (in his case: drown).

unfortunately we could not retrieve his body, it now forever remains in a watery grave in the far north of queensland. below the last tiny planet zippy shot. it’s amazing because it’s one of the flattest part of the country without almost any feature higher than a blade of grass to the horizon!

ps: it’s a bit disappointing to loose zippy. i had hand launched and hand landed the little guy already twice from the boat. as i was adjusting the flight path to get a better shot the drone kicked into sports mode all by itself and what was supposed to be a small adjustment turned into a mad kamikaze rush straight into the trees. oh well.

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