kimberley kampers, the manufacturer of our beloved thorny, has gone into liquidation. the writing has been on the wall for a while; the company went into voluntary administration late last year, but everyone was hoping they would be able to get back on their feet. unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

this doesn’t really have an immediate impact on us and our ownership of thorny, even though she’s now an endangered species. we count ourselves lucky that we actually own one of these and are planning to take her to many more places. the downside is that finding special parts for it will definitely become harder.

most of the parts are actually pretty standard, but two items in particular were on my wish list: the so called firewood cradle that sits on top of the multibox and a forced posivent, which pressurises the cabin when travelling to avoid dust ingress.

you can imagine how thrilled i was to find someone who had bought a truckload (literally!) of half-finished parts from the liquidators and had a surplus firewood cradle. plus he lives not too far away from where we are at the moment.

the last one.

it needs a bit of work but that should not be difficult to get done. woohoo!