that’s of course not it’s actual name; while australia joined the metric system decades ago (a very sensible move unless you like to count feet or stones to work out how long or heavy something is) beaches are still named in the old imperial system, which would make this the 43.49598 mile beach which just does not sound right. ok, it’s actually called teewah beach.

and actually the drive from rainbow beach to noosa covers two different beaches. the first part is called rainbow beach. in our view it is entirely correctly named: the cliffs lining the beach cover all shades from nearly white to deep brown.

the beach is only passable for four hours, two either side of the low tide mark. it’s easy to see why if you look at the photo above. friends who live near said there are cars lost on the beach almost every month: once you are caught out the ocean water will quickly wash the sand from underneath the wheels and there is no comeback from that rather expensive point.

otherwise the drive is not difficult: the sand is hard packed. the only softer part of the trip is around leisha track which cuts across double island point an dconnects rainbow and teewah beach; the rangers did a great job here a few years ago and the track itself is firm and well supported. only the entry and exit points are a bit deeper. of course we had reduced the tyre pressure before driving onto the beach and as a result even that wasn’t a problem.

it’s not possible to camp along rainbow beach, we doubt there would be enough beach left here when the tide comes in.

there are several camp sites along teewah beach, which can be booked via the queensland parks and wildlife services site.

it is amazing that we are still allowed to drive in places like this. of course there is no other way to get here and access, at least along rainbow beach, is limited by the tides anyway.

the recent rains caused a lot of freshwater runoff across the beach and gave this colony of tadpoles a boost. let’s hope they are indeed frogs and not cane toads …

not knowing upfront what the conditions would be like i was a bit nervous about the trip – if we were to get stuck i was hoping it would be way before the tide would roll in which would give us a fighting or more to the point: shovelling chance. as a result i didn’t let the girls play in the sand as much as they would have liked to … sorry. the last highlight was a little ferry ride from noosa north shore to noosa. and a thorough (i hope) undercarriage wash.

here is a little map in case you would like to see for yourself! we highly recommend it.

and a few shots courtesy of zippy doo. she was pretty brave flying about 500 m offshore to have a closer look at some whales for us.

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