i’ve been a good boy and studied hard for my exams (which is also the reason I have been uncharacteristically quiet; the girls were busy and will post later), therefore i felt i could allow myself another tiny bit of tinkering. remember that i tweaked the rear door a bit, way back on the great ocean road? when i got a bit cocky and tried backing up the rig all alone, without my trusty lookout?

in my book there is nothing wrong with implementing a complex solution to a simple problem that any low-tech approach (like having a spotter) would fix perfectly well. don’t tell kris, it’s pretty much the opposite of what I usually say to her, but this is how i justify installing the wireless rear view camera on the Karavan.

I really do not like drilling holes in perfectly good steel bars, but I had to connect the camera to the 12v circuit. yes, it connects to the display wirelessly but it still needs power. i wired it in with the rear and side markers so every time i turn on the headlights i’m able to see what’s going on behind the van.

the orange bar with the kimberley web url had to go, double sided tape does not really like to be stuck to vinyl. anyway, i figured the web address is now as dead as kimberley and nobody would miss it much.

now i can see what i am backing into. reassuring.