Welcome to my post about Australia zoo the home of the famous croc hunter Steve Irwin. The Australia Zoo is a wonderful place with many animals with amazing, big enclosures and with lots of enrichment (which is what zookeepers do to keep the animals from bring bored).

When we first arrived at the zoo we saw a big rhinoceros iguana and in a big concrete  clearing we met a cute owl who was still wet from his morning wash.

There was also a beautiful bald eagle there who knew how to pose.

The next animals we met were two Aldabra tortoise called Goliath and Igloo during their daily show and breakfast. We even got to meet them! Now, there are a lot of animals we met at Australia Zoo so let me just list them for you:
Monitor lizard,

cute otters,

a Blue Tongue called Scruffles. He was very cute,

me, looking into the distance.

Salazar the diamond python. Like Salazar Slytherin from Hogwarts!

a sulphur crested cockatoo,


so cute…

yet sooo…


a binturong,

water dragons…

sooooo many baby water dragons in every enclosure! (not on purpose of course),


lots of crocs,

alligators and


But this was only day one; you see, I wanted to see all the animal shows that there were but there were more animals than shows so the first day we only saw a few animals and all the shows but day two is where all the animals are seen.

In the morning before entering the zoo we went to the Australian wildlife hospital to have a tour. We saw a couple of animals and one of them was this poor mother bat that had been caught in fruit tree netting with her baby still hanging on to her but fortunately she got out with small injuries.


yet no king Julian😱😥,



even a baby!



always on the look out


baby curloo! PS: she is a wild baby!



gold and blue macaw. He was more gentle than I thought.

Woma python,

King cobra,

Green tree snake. Click baby to see what a young green tree snake looks like. And

a baby star tortoise.

There is a lovely and funny song about Steve Irwin white lots of video clips and if you want to watch it then just click here.

Thanks for reading and sorry for bring late plus little writing but thanks for looking.

Till next time, bye.