Hervey Bay was our next stop after the dino trail. Finally out of the desert and back to the ocean shore. The caravan park we stayed at was really nice and right next to a great water park. It was amazing with slides,

a kids water playground and a wave machine!

We even met our close friends we met at Coral Bay. If you can remember I wrote about Nichole. And i got free clothes YAY.

After Hervey Bay we went to another bay called Tin Can Bay. I liked Tin Can Bay because it was a nice, small town with a friendly caravan park. Nearby is Rainbow Beach, which is one of the topmost rated beaches in the world. It got its name because the sand on the dunes has around 72 different shades of colour.

The next day I went horse riding but this time I did something new… I rode on the beach! But before we get too caught up too fast I need to talk about something else… I fed dolphins again 🙂🐬.

In the morning before riding we went to a place called Barnacles Dolphin feeding. After a little waiting I got a bucket with one fish to feed one of the dolphins. There were two mums with their babies and to male dolphins. I loved feeding the dolphin and instead of the fish being ripped out of my hand like in Monkey Mia this dolphin gently sucked it in. I was very fortunate though because there were a couple of pesky cormorants that stole some of the fish out of the dolphions’ mouths.

Anyway, back to the horses.

My horse was called Destiny and he was a very gentle. At the beach it took a little more power then normal to steer him into the water but I did it anyway and it was so much fun.

The reason he didn’t want to go in the water was because, just like every other horse there, he is a heavy animal and it would take a lot of energy even though it’s healthy and good for him to have a bit of exercise.

One night we had a terrible storm and a lot of water came in through the roof of the caravan. Me and mum were inside trying not to drown while dad was in the toilet further away waiting for the storm to go. After all that fun and exitingness at Tin Can Bay we went to our next stop: Australia Zoo, the home of Steve Irwin (may he rest in peace). The way we got there thought was via Rainbow Beach.

It was quite fun and I got to play on the colourful sand dunes but the best thing we did was find a whale. Actually I found four whales,🐋🐳 one was splashing and the others were breathing and most likely protecting the calf and his or her mother.

I think there was one mother, one baby, one adult male and another younger female helping to rear the young calf but I am not too sure so don’t take my word for it. We were watching the whales for a while but then we were on our way. Our next stop was Australia Zoo.

Till next time, Bye.