as we were coming south towards sydney we just had to stop in ballina. we don’t know how remarkable or otherwise unremarkable ballina may be but it is the birthplace of thorny, our kimberley karavan (yes, with a ‘k’).

that industrial looking grey place in the background is where the magic happened. past tense is unfortunately very much appropriate: kimberley kampers, the manufacturer of our beloved karavan, has gone belly up. in other words: our tiny home on wheels is now a collectible. and it’s a good thing i have dug through its bowels in my continuous quest to further improve thorny.

all these parts are in the process of being sold off by the liquidators. we are particularly disappointed about the fact that an australian manufacturer of a unique product that has no equal anywhere in the market has closed its doors, and all attempts to rescue the company have failed.

did i mention we still managed to score a firewood cradle? lucky us!