After visiting the Australia Zoo and Byron Bay we went to Coffs Harbour. I was there a very long time ago and we went to almost all the same places then, as we did now. We went to the Big Banana again but this time we only went ice skating

but it was really fun (except the boots were horrible) and there was even a disco. We also went to a ‘Mini Holland’ park to watch a clog being made

which is a wooden shoe.

In Coffs Harbour I also did some school work.

I had to do an art work with materials from nature so I made a manta ray …

and a nice art work of mine I call “yin yang on the beach”. Now that’s the kind of school work I like!

The day I am about to tell you about was probably the best day of my entire year so listen up. That day we went to a place called Dolphin Marine Magic. First thing I did was have a seal cuddle (believe me they are unbelievably cuddly) …

and then we did the best thing ever: a dolphin experience, where you are allowed to get in the water with a dolphin. I did this already a very long time ago with my cousins but this time was a little different because it was practically a private session (I was all by myself) but also because I was with a beautiful dolphin named Jet. He was a lovely young dolphin with a cuddly attitude and a silly, playful personality.

This is an invention were the dolphins can go from the experience/relax pool to the show pool.

It is important to know that the animals at Dolphin Magic were not caught in the wild. They are either rescued like Jets mum, Calamity, and dad and another female or they could be born here like Jet, Zippy and Bella.

I loved the experience because I got to play fetch, spin the ball and catch with him but I also got to learn a bit about him, e.g. how they check their dolphins. I got a cuddle …

and a kiss!

and I even got to DANCE with him! I absolutely loved him and the experience. Last time I was here me and my cousins met Bella, Jets big sis. After that incredible time with Jet I went to see the fish and fed the rays and shark.

I thought it was really fun because the the rays kept going on the walls. However, I was in for an even bigger surprise: after the ray feeding I offered to help clean the dishes used for the show and of course I got talking to the carers. I told them how much I love turtles and they offered me a special treat: a visit to the restricted area where sick and inured turtles are recovering (unfortunately no photos were allowed to be taken from the turtles but they would be too disgusting and sad to show anyway). It was incredibly sad; I got to see six of the eight turtle that were in sick bay and most of them were here because of floating syndrome (which is something turtles get when they eat plastic, get stressed or have other digestion problems). It means to have air seep into muscles and concludes to turtles not being able to dive and then die of hunger, be vulnerable to predators, cooking in the sun or being hit by a boat 😢. But the other reasons that turtles were at the hospital was because of barnacles and algae but there was one turtle that was once caught in a ghost net (which is an x-fisherman’s net that drifts through the sea) and lost one flipper and it cut through the other flipper. I was disgusted by what happened to him and wished him the best of luck. This turtle that you can see thought was an oldish turtle that once had floating syndrome but is now fine and is the only resident turtle at Dolphin Marine Magic. 

I then went to the penguin enclosure and got to feed them. We have seen little penguins before, even out in the wild, but this is the first time I got to feed them.

Some penguins were even sitting on eggs!

We also watched a seal show where the star of the show was showing off…

and I got to play with the gorgeous seal which was really fun.

Lastly we watched a dolphin and seal show that was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately I had to say good bye to the beautiful place after that because it was almost closing time 😥. We also went to a cool place called the comic bunker were I spent most of my time reading comics (of course).

It used to be a WW II communication bunker but later then turned into this amazing little place all about different type of comics. On the weekend I went horse riding which was amazing because I finally got to have lessons and I got to trot (which is faster than a walk but slower than a canter which I can do) and it was really fun!

I loved my horse even thought she was a little cheeky because it was hot but afterwards she got a nice cool hose off as a treat for not being too bad.

The next day I did a trail ride. It was long but fun and we even got to trot. I got a lovely tallish black/brown horse called Delilah (not 100% sure if I spelt it right). Let me tell you the horse I rode was the best rising trot horse ever.

The next day after dad finished his exam we went Go Karting on an outdoor track.

The karts were fun but the suits were a little hot and annoying.

Our next stop before going home is port Port Stephens.

Till next time, bye

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