some time today we have complete one lap of the equator, i.e. since we set out on our trip around the country we have driven more than 40,045 km. we also got stuck for the first time today.

the sand on Stockton beach is quite soft and deep, probably also due to the heavy traffic on the beach. we would think twice before taking the van here but that’s not an option anyway, camping is not allowed here.

a ute full of your guys immediately offered to help but what would be the fun in that? in the end all it took was dropping the tyre pressure a bit more and sticking the maxtrax under the front wheels. we’ve had them for a few years now but never ever used them. good to see they really work.

it was a bit windy and the girls didn’t really want to spend much time on the beach. instead nat set out to collect rubbish; it is sad to see how much plastic crap accumulates on the beach. some looks like it spent time in the water but other things were clearly left there by people having a ‘good time’.

btw this was the first time we took this car on stockton beach. i don’t know why; we only ever came here with the old blue disco. well, another box ticked.