Hello and welcome to 2019. New year, new school, high school to be exact but today I will be writing about something else so keep reading and see.

As you all know from my previous writing (My Cannonball Festival), I “totally and completely” live for riding (and maybe animals, but… that’s not the point). Last weekend (I am writing on the 18-1-19) I went to Thredbo for a Gravity Girls clinic. I absolutely loved it. I got to ride with Tegan Molloy …

… and Josh Carlson (more info on my post “my most famous helmet in the whole world”) and I met a friend and made a new one but let’s start from the beginning, before we ride I mean read to the finish.

We we heading off in a lovley thunder/hail storm but the bad weather left us after Canberra. The first day there we went to refresh our memory of the trails. Before going I saw Josh Carlson and guess what… HE REMEMBERED ME FROM THE CANNONBALL FESTIVAL!!! I was so happy when he said “of course I remember you, you’re from the Cannonball festival”. I asked if we could have a ride together and he said yes. But I had a flat and couldn’t finish my special run. He invited me for another run for the next day so I tried to meet but the next day was the Gravity Girls clinic.

It was exciting and I am proud that I rode part of the downhill trail (called Cannonball) for the first time. It was a little tricky but it was new and pretty different from the Flow trail because it had a lot more gnarly (that’s a technical mountain biking term) rock gardens. I also learned to weigh the outside pedal in berms which is very useful to go through the berms quicker. Just the thing you expect to learn from a world champion.

I rode with a friend of mine who I met at the (you guessed it) the Cannonball Festival …

… and our coach was Tegan Molloy who was Junior Downhill World Champ which is awesome. I had a world champion as a coach!

I got another flat that afternoon and when Josh a.k.a. Ginger Ninja passed me I told him and he just laughed. The next day dad and I did some riding …

… for our last day and then we went home, Sadly.

Well, now I have finished my post sooo… I guess you could read something else or something.

Soo… bye and thanks for reading. Nat