Just a thought but do you want to hear about my old school before I start my new one (which is on the 30-1-19)? You do, great. So, my old school was Sydney Distance Education Primary School (SDEPS for short), it was a great public school where anyone who can’t go to the same school for the entire year can still complete their studies, like kids past the rabbit proof fence, famous kids or kids who are just on adventures like me or pretty much anyone else.

I went because I wasn’t able to sit in a classroom because I was on an adventure. Home schooling is harder because for one people check how it’s going and if it doesn’t go well then you need to go back to classroom school but also because the parent has to find or make school work whereas SDEPS sends you a term worth of work and have folders for two weeks and than you must complete …

… then send the school work back via Google Classroom.

In my opinion I found the schoolwork interesting, well thought out, creative and I liked how some of the projects were based on were you were. I also liked how we could call the school if we had any questions and we had small meeting on zoom, which is a skype like app/website.

Once I joint even thought we were going to the Daintree for a maths lesson and I loved it (I think my teacher did too). The teachers were all very nice and when I called and no-one else was there we talked for a long time and we enjoyed ourselves.

I think SDEPS is a great school, maybe the best school I have been at so far. It was a great experience and I didn’t miss the year even though we were on the road all year long and I learnt many things I would not have experienced in a classroom.

And even though that fun chapter of my live has ended I will soon enter a new one. This year on the 30-1 I will go to Northern Beaches Christian School and even though it is my first time wearing a uniform I am very exited to discover and learn in this new tech environment.

Thanks for reading,