it’s ready. finally. we were still waiting for the so called groups, which consists of the derailleur, the trigger, the cassette and the chain (technically the cranks and chainring are also part of it, but we already had those).

the box finally landed on our doorstep today. sram knows how to create sexy packaging, definitely fit for the eagle components inside. eagle is a 12 speed setup on a single chainring! i’m now officially jealous (my nomad only has 11 gears).

there is a reason why this took so long: we ordered the set from the united states, where these elements cost about a third less – and that is including the local taxes and shipping. i frankly still don’t understand this: how can the same product vary so much in price across the world?

then again in the age of the internet we have the choice to correct bad corporate choices. and if local distributors and bike shops would like to price themselves out of the market … local bike shops have anyway pretty much lost all my faith, they pretty much never carry anything i’m looking for, and i’m not talking exotic stuff here.

be that all as it may: nat’s nomad is now ready for some test rides.

we can’t wait!

ps: one more thing – nat’s new bike weighs 13 kg … sensational for a full-on 160 mm travel enduro bike! and half a kilo lighter than her old, smaller bike.