that’s how we roll here. health first or everything else is pretty much meaningless. in this case that’s particularly true.

we’re of course not talking about a person here. that said a heart’s a pump and a fuel injected bike is as dead without a working pump as a human would be. not great news for me since i am planning on selling the ktm.

it’s time: i can ride the mountain bike with natalie but not the dirt bike and to be perfectly honest i much prefer riding the pushy with her than the dirt bike on my own, which equals zero kilometres for the little 250. it’s better off under someone else.

which brings us back to the heart transplant: when i tried to start up the bike it would crank but not run and after a little analysis it became pretty clear that the fuel pump was dead. they are $400 from the manufacturer or $40 on evilbay … seriously.

turns out the internal fuel filter was a rather unhealthy colour, too. while it’s unlikely that killed the pump it would not have helped the health of the system – so that got replaced, too.

all good now, the bike is running again. now who needs a 250?