nat and i do like our switchblade helmets: compared to the lids most other riders use on the trails the giro is a fair bit more substantial and feels so much safer.

that said, since we are both now riding more ‘enduro’, which means higher speeds over rougher trails. that pretty directly translates into greater risk which is ok as long as there is better protection, too.

the fact that some people had written about the chin bar popping off the giro helmets on impact dampened our confidence in their ability to keep our heads out of trouble – not something we want to try.

lucky then that we heard of that unbelievable sale of fox rampage carbon (yes, again) helmets, more than 60% off. that’s good stuff, too, these helmets are usually what you would call prohibitively expensive.

they are light (did I mention the shell is made from carbon fibre?), well ventilated and the chin bar is firmly attached. good news for our noses and teeth.

oh and did I mention the coloraturas scheme is a perfect fit for our bikes? looks like the designers must have owned nomads, too. and why wouldn’t they …