it was time for a new bed.

actually, initially it was time for a new mattress. i am not really sensitive when it comes to beds: as long as it is vertical and not too soft i’ll sleep well.

kris on the other hand is a bit more difficult to please: too soft, too hard, too high, too low … to cut a long story short we finally found a new mattress that kris liked. there was only one tiny problem: it was massive, a whole 38cm deep.

as a result it didn’t fit our bed anymore; it sort of dwarfed it. a shame really, we had had the bed for probably close to 20 years. on the other hand, change is always an opportunity. i had seen some really cool pictures of a floating bed; that should be worth a try.

and since most beds we found in the local furniture stores were either expensive or ugly – but more often than not both – we decided to build our own. how hard could it be?

that said i really should get myself a good mitre saw and a planer. i can get the timber cut to length at the hardware store but they don’t take as much care as i would and as a result the pieces don’t fit as well as i’d like them to. there is also the fact that beams or planks are not always as straight as the look and would need work to make them fit perfectly.

unfortunately without the right (professional) tools i have to try and design around these issues. i think this one worked ok. did i mention it floats?

i hope kris will sleep well in it.