dropper seat posts are the bees knees: they hold up your bum when required – i.e. when pedalling – and get the seat out of the way when you need all the room you can get, generally on the downhill bits.

i have been pretty happy with the reverb that came standard on my nomad and was more than happy to get the same part for nat. it quickly turned out that the push button type remote it came with was not going to work for her, though; it does require rather muscular thumbs to press it. the dropper wasn’t dropping …

there was an obvious solution: rock shox recently released the 1x remote, which features a lever rather than a button. the effect was initially very positive, the lever was light enough for nat to operate it … but uncovered an even bigger problem.

basically while nat could operate the remote it turned out the seat post itself needed something more substantial than a little twelve-year-old to compress it against the air spring. in other words, she practically had to jump on the seat post to move it at all – or better still ask dad to push it down.

but who would want to bring a dad on the trails all the time? in the end there was only one viable option: a new post. the revive is much smoother and can be compresses very easily – just what nat needed. it is also cable operated which allowed us to reuse the excellent wolf tooth remote.

getting the seat up & down is a blast now …. nat’s bike is pretty close to being perfect for her.

ps: now nat has the smoothest and silkiest dropper post ever with the coolest remote (it has a wolf head on it) i requisitioned the reverb 1x trigger. one small upgrade at a time.