i really enjoy working on the suspension parts. the forks are especially good fun to service but it takes a bit more effort to remove them from the bike.

nat is currently away on holiday and i thought that would be a good time to upgrade the air spring in her fork. she is using a 2014 pike (same as me) and especially given her light weight the pike can feel a bit harsh. apparently the upgrade to the debonair spring really helps, it improves the sensitivity over small bumps while maintaining the ability to absorb the big hits. or so they say.

it’s a cheap, quick and easy upgrade. btw the new unit is the one on the bottom. it took me about an hour all in all: the removal of the fork from the bike, pulling off the lowers, removing and replacing the spring. i think the spring side will also be easier to service, and the red piston looks way cooler. not that anyone can see it.

plus i now have an extra spring, just in case. i hope i’ll never need it.

now i’ll just have to look into how i can make the dampening tune lighter. next time i have the damper out …