when nat got her new bike we wanted to get it on the trails quickly. we only attached all the important bits required to actually ride the bike and didn’t spend the time to ensure the frame was protected.

the frame was not new and the previous owner had applied a protective self-adhesive film to the front triangle, but not the swingarm. we had bought the stickers a while ago but i’d been putting this off.

it’s much easier to apply the film when the bike is in pieces and when it’s not yet in use. everything is cleaner & much easier to access. that said with a bit of soapy water and a heat gun (or a hair dryer) it’s not a big deal.

so now nat’s bike’s rear triangle has the protective film applied a well. hopefully it will keep the bike in good shape for a long time.

until nat outgrows it, that is. who knows when that will happen, she has been growing very quickly over the last year.