let’s be honest, there is nothing stealth about the 2014 nomad. the colours are officially called aqua & magenta but more cynical people would probably describe them as turquoise & pink. harsh.

and many older folk like to refer to this looks as the ‘miami vice’ colour scheme. remember those guys from the 1980ies tv series? light coloured suits & pastel shirts? the ferrari!

yes, i think ‘miami vice’ is spot on. aqua & magenta.

the vivid air natalie got (and which i successfully serviced, a fact i am extremely proud about) came with the ‘stealth’ stickers which probably work best for bikes with matte black frames, matte black rims, bars, grips, saddle, ridden by people riding matte black helmets, jerseys and pants. clearly not us.

something had to be done about that. good thing the stickers required to recreate the period correct ‘miami vice’ look are easy to source – from sweden. just like nat & i did with her forks as well.

the only difficult thing about changing the stickers is getting rid of the disgusting glue residue the old ones leave behind. a bit of alcohol turns the glue into sticky jelly that just smears itself onto everything and the more you try to rub it off the more it spreads. yukk.

step one completed: a naked & clean vivid air. ultra stealth much?

and here is the end result: the period correct nomadification of my favourite shock for nat’s favourite bike is complete. nat is going to love this when she find out. i bled her brakes, too, they were a little soft.

i got one more surprise for my little shredder, but that’s for when she returns.