we’ve got a busy few weekends: there is the third round of the club dh championship on this weekend, then the gravity girls event, probably some trail fairy business to attend to and the next gravity enduro round soon after that.

that’s a lot of gravity riding, but also a lot of podiums up for grabs and personal records to chase. plus it’s always good fun to hook up with the mates, girls and boys. below nat’s friend kat, one of the fastest kids on the trail.

this time i decided not to race the dh but help with the organisation. armed with a hi-vis vest, a whistle and a radio i pretended i know what i was doing to make sure the guys all had a safe race.

since i was the only marshall with a bike on the hill i also got to sweep (woohoo) and almost beat my personal record – in the wrong shoes, pants and a massive backpack. what gives?

robyn, above, really pushed hard and improve her personal best. wicked.

here is trouble. girls tearing up the trails.

nat did really well and set a new personal record on this trail. she also won her class – again.

i guess checking all those faster lines with kat did help. and no, they are not just faster, they are also more technical. speed needs to be earned i guess.