nat returned from overseas on thursday, saturday we went out for a little ride around the dam, just to limber up. then on sunday we went back to ourimbah so nat could catch up with her friend kat, have a bit of fun on the downhill and check the new gravity enduro trail.

so i was massively surprised that on monday nat said she wanted to go to red hill to play on the dirt jumps. dirt jumps are a very different game from downhill or enduro riding. it’s a lot about rhythm and finding exactly the right spots to pump: little bumps, berms, the backside of the jumps.

clearing the jumps requires just the right speed, good timing and a bit of pulling up. nat does that really well, she is also standing just right; see how she pushed off the lip with her hips close to the bars? i wish i had her natural talent. the enduro bikes are actually not really helping here, they are too big and the suspension is way too smooth.

just a short sequence. we’ll be back soon a practice some more.

and maybe one day we’ll try it with a real dirt jumper.