Once again i’m back on my blog and I have big news: I got a snake! I have been wishing for a reptile for such a long time and now I finally got a beautiful little snake to call my own.

After returning from a four trip holiday to Europe to see my family I talked to dad about me getting the snake soon (because we discussed having a snake for a while). He said we could go to the pet shop the next day. So, as dad promised, we went to look at the snakes they had for sale. They only had three for sale and one waiting to be ready. One was a T+ (I will explain later) albino children’s python, the one not ready yet was a normal children’s python and the other two were a female and male zebra jungle carpet python.

This is one of the zebra jungle carpet pythons

I didn’t have much of a choice; I didn’t want a big snake as my first pet (so that took the carpets off my list) and the other children’s python wasn’t ready for a few more weeks (and I wasn’t going to be able to wait that long) so that left the albino. It took a really long time to decide but I went back that same afternoon and decided to get her and I do not regret it.

Hokey Pokey at the pet shop

But when she was being moved into a box she didn’t make a good first impression:

Don’t worry it didn’t hurt

Today is day two – Saturday 20th-July.

My baby is looking good, warm and comfy. After riding around Manly Dam and being called cute twinsies twice (beacuse of our matching bikes), I picked up one of my friends and went to Hi-Tek Aquarium (the pet shop) to check if how I was running things was good for the snake and apparently it is. So as I sit here and write this I am glad to inform you that my baby, Hokey Pokey, is a happy little snake with a good and colourful future ahead of her.

Hokey Pokey

Now I will explain T+ and T-.

T+ (which is what Hokey is) means the animal will be a creamy like colour unlike T- which means the animal will be white (with maybe some bright yellow if there are markings on the animal like for a snake). Ps: If you click on the words “creamy” and “white” there will be a link to a photo.

Thanks for reading, Nat