nat is always on the lookout for new cycling gear. it might not be immediately apparent but mountain biking is all about style: the way you move on the bike, the way you move the bike and last but not least the way you look on the bike.

for example: enduro requires baggy shorts, baggy tees / jerseys, killer socks, goggles and an awful lot of protective stuff. it’s a tough sport after all, however, full face helmets are only used on those extra tough stages, they do get a bit hot on the uphill. but if you want to be a full-on downhill rider you need long pants, preferably tight for low wind resistance on those flat out sections.

and dirt jumpers on the other hand wear skinny jeans and tees with cool prints (preferably but not necessarily bike related). and weird skater helmets, but thats an entirely different story i really can’t want to get into. which means i am way too old and not even remotely cool enough to understand. fair enough.

back to cool tees. gravity groms racing i.e. ggr is the ourimbah youth racing team. they are all really cool guys and girls (like nat’s mate kat in the second photo) and nat thinks it’s perfect for dirt jumping.

nat will be wearing a proper helmet, though. no compromising on safety, not even for coolness. and i would never be cool enough to wear that tee.