bit of it are disappearing at least: the ones that are not essential for dirt jumping. last time we removed the front derailleur plus triggers, the old heavy seat and the front brake.

this time we converted the bike to single speed. that means: the cassette makes room for a single ring, the rear derailleur is replaced by a simple chain tensioner and of course the trigger goes as well.

it’s a quick and simple procedure, just some basic nip & tuck, but the results are spectacular: 515 grams (actually a bit more for the cable & housing) have again been removed from the bike. that’s half a kilo! amazing how heavy those old shimano parts are.

the new parts are also way prettier than the ancient bit nat and i pulled off. black anodised aluminium is just cool.

the bike now weighs in at 12.4 kg, that is 2 kg lighter than it was to begin with!

now what to do with those incredibly heavy wheels?