nat & i went on our traditional (second time!) friday after school dirt jumping session today. it was a bit windy today (‘destructive gale force storms across the south-east of australia’) and all the other girls and boys decided they had better things to do. go figure.

unfortunately the other day someone decided to run into the back of our car and destroyed my bike rack and now it’s a bit difficult to carry more than one bike – so it was the dirt jumper’s turn to come along today.

nat loves that bike. i am not so sure about it. it’s like a reminder of the dark ages: that 15 year old fork feels like a pogo-stick and i relearned a valuable lesson why 9mm quick release skewers are banned from all modern bikes. the bike is all over the shop and never goes where you point it! and don’t even talk to me about weird narrow handlebars.

frankly, from this day onwards i’ll not fly anything else but the nomad. promise.