we are very lucky here on the northern beaches: in the hills just behind the beach the trail fairies have been busy using the amazing local features to build some of the best trails you could wish for.

we have fast straights, slippery flat turns, steep rollers, natural jumps. and all of that is set in natural bushland, among the banksias, gum trees and ferns.

the bahai trail – which starts near the bahai temple – is short but fun and in some places actually quite technical. almost everything can be rolled but many obstacles are blind and that can be very unsettling.

this was nat’s first time and she rode almost everything, which is very impressive. at the bottom the trail crosses a little creek, just above a massive rocky waterfall. nat says there must be yabbies in the creek.

we stopped for a little bit, also to let nat recover before the long(ish) ride up. the climb is technical as well in some places, and requires good bike skills. i am very impressed with nat’s skills, she was right behind me all the way.

and right this time of the year the bush is full of wildflowers. very pretty.