rain is a good thing, at least here in australia, and especially these days. large parts of the country have not seen decent rain in years and some places we passed on our trip are actually running out of water (*).

but as essential and actually pleasant rain is it can get in the way of a good ride so we decided to drive to canberra with our friends who wanted to see why everyone keeps raving about mount stromlo.

and for the girls who joined party there was the ‘floriade’ flower show. small but well arranged with garden gnome painting for the younger ones.

to make things easier for the bike addicts among the group there was also a flea market at the local bike store (unfortunately not really worth it) plus it was raining in canberra, too. logically we called that a recovery day.

we also caught up with our friend al again who showed us some really cool new trails we hadn’t seen before. sunset boulevard became our immediate favourite.

here a look for yourself. if you would like to have a go, follow down western wedgetail and then straight into sunset, which takes you back to poek barrel.

(*) it’s a good thing we elected all those really smart politicians who keep reassuring us that man-made climate change is a lie; we were just about to get worried. silly i know. also good to know that higher company profits are going to make it all worth while. it all trickles down, a bit like piss. golden showers? and if it doesn’t it won’t matter when potential customers drown due to rising sea levels, die from heat stroke or get wiped out by wild weather events. better to have the money in the bank then, right?
how good are lobby-owned pollies!