in three weeks i’ll be somewhere in western australia trying not to damage myself or the bike. perth is 4000 km away so driving (or riding as some people suggested) is not really an option. so while i will relax in the cabin of an airplane the bike will make the trip in the belly of a truck.


it will share the crate with most of the things i need to complete the race: the spares, the riding gear, the tent, the mattress, sleeping bag and many other things.

and because there are no motorbike shipping crates available i had to build one.


it’s a tight fit for the bike but there is room available around it for a few crates full of stuff. i’m still finishing a few pieces, like cradles for the spare wheels – i’d hate for them to bounce around in the box and damage something.


good thing i had some help too!

natalie stuck with me while i built the structure and had a few great ideas of her own as well. should be fun in years to come!