preparations for the condo are progressing.

at least the part i can so myself.
so far i have:

– built a holder for the roadbook & the imo from 4mm alu sheet
– replaced the inner tubes with mousse (back & front)
– mounted a new rear tyre
– replaced the handlebar & mounted a new renthal twinwall bar with crossbrace
– bought and mounted the new f2r roadbook switch combo (a real beauty)
– mounted new grips
– mounted new bark busters
– mounted a scotts steering damper (don’t need headshake at highway speeds)
– found the reason why the lights were not working & fixed it (i.e. replaced a fuse)

and i got my motorcycling australia racing license.


i spent a little time this weekend mounting it all and wiring it up. there is a switch to keep the imo from draining the battery and a fusebox to make sure the thing does not blow up anything in the middle of nowhere. i got to remember to take spares.


the thing near the left grip is the f2r switch. the red button resets the interval km on the imo (which counts the distance) while the two grey ones move the total km up or down in 10m steps.

the little toggle button underneath moves the roadbook forward and back.


it’s still a bit unorganized, but i’ll tidy it up soon. i’d like to stress that what you see here is plan b. plan a involves installing a brand new nav tower that is currently coming in from the states.

i’m somewhat at the mercy of the us postal service here; let’s hope they are as quick as lance used to be when he was riding for them (ok he was heavily doped but the speed was still good).


i’ll also need a set of projector lens headlights (currently coming from the uk, same story, let’s hope her majesty’s postal service is up to scratch).

well here is proof it actually works: illuminated switch, imo is working, md is turning nicely in both directions (i rebuilt it last year).

so there is 900 km of bush riding waiting in 2 weeks.

i just hope my bum is up to it.