there is this problem with the uncharacteristically rough roller bearings in the linkage of my favourite nomad. the old bearings have to come out before the new ones go in, but there is no way to get any purchase on the outer race and once you start hitting the inner race the whole bearing just comes apart leaving the outer race pressed into the link.

in particular bearings in the state those were in: these just exploded, the inner race itself fell apart as well. i really need to pay more attention to these bearings.

the only way to get it out is to heat the entire link up; 250 degrees in the oven for 20 minutes seem to do the trick.

after that treatment the bearings all came out without a fuss. i was even able to retrieve the stuck outer races of the really badly worn bearings.

needless to say kris was thrilled about the somewhat unorthodox use of her favourite oven … not to mention the smell.

the next adventure is going to be to insert the new ones. given the tight fit this will be interesting. they are already in the freezer – sort of the heat treatment in reverse.