yes, i’m aware of basic english grammar and no i did not write this post after a long night of fun. it’s probably that ‘dad joke’ thing natalie like to complain about.

anyway, as i was saying the sink slide (get it now?) on the kk was a bit notchy and there was not a lot of sliding going on. rasping might actually have been a better word. the kkhq guys were really great and quick to send me the correct set.

six 4.8mm alu rivets later the slides were in place. i had to slightly enlarge the holes holding the sink and those also required 4.8mm rivets.

i would not say it’s all buttery smooth now, i have a suspicion that either the sink assembly is too wide by a millimeter or so or the cabinet is slightly smaller than required. in any case the sink now actually slides in and out.

it still does not lock into place properly when fully extended but we’ll survive that little problem. also check out the cool low tech solution to avoiding water spillage into the rear knife compartment (the tap is a little too short): we pulled a bit of clear hose over the tap and now the water runs into the sink and not everywhere else.

keep it simple.