taking off the rear fresh water tank was easier than expected. five massive bolts, a few hose connections and the whole thing comes off.

so far so good. the next part was the tried and tested ‘install a wema reed relay sensor’ method. easy, right?

i hate drilling holes into tanks. silly, there are already (at least) three holes in it! filler, outlet and breather.

one more should not matter.

i did hot a little snag this time. i like to glue the horseshoe the bolts screw into in place with double sided tape so if i ever have to take the sensor out i don’t need to fish around for that metal piece. unfortunately a bit of that seems to have wrapped itself around one of the bolts becoming an instant permanent thread locker. crap. i had to drill the bolt out and retap the hole. well, a bit of sikeflex should ensure no water is lost.

anyway. and since i am big on recycling i reused the cables connecting the now defunct bep monitor to connect the sensor to the pico.

a two tongue connector will allow me to easily disconnect the tank if i ever have to remove it.

there is a bit of a cable salad going on behind the otherwise plain looking control panel.

it’s neater when it’s all buttoned up.

the last tank is not connected yet.

that one. there is a good reason for that: it does not come out. really, it doesn’t. it’s built into the karavan like the proverbial foundation stone. so i’ get to it from above to pull off my now well established ‘wemo sensor from above’ trick. which leaves a few options, none of them particularly sexy: i could try & find a sensor that is side mounted (none found so far but i’m still looking), i could cut an access hatch in the bottom of the karavan and install a sensor from there (ugly) or i could drill a hole in the bottom of the tank and mount the wemo sensor upside down (danger).

as i said, none of the options look great. i’m still thinking …