it’s not really a great deal, but still: i just crossed 1000km on my bike this year, 77 hours all in all. i know people on road bikes spend much more time on their contraptions but i think i have a lot more fun on my little nomad.

i could not possibly claim i loved all the rides but there were definitely a few i really love to remember.

riding a lot more and a lot more seriously with nat was definitely the highlight. starting with ourimbah, then canberra, dungog, kempsey. i am do looking forward to thredbo over the xmas holiday.

i also enjoyed ourimbah. it’s close and it’s fun, but also challenging. it can actually be seriously intimidating as well, definitely at speed. i don’t claim i’m able to master the track properly but i have had a few really good runs there.

i think i could do a bit more. the next year, however, will see less hours and fewer kilometers on the bike: we won’t be taking the bikes with us, too difficult.