first she wanted my camera.
‘daddy can that camera also be mounted on my helmet, too?’ (she has the same helmet) –
‘yes …’ –
‘can i have it, please?’ –
‘what now?’ –
‘yes now’ –
‘um ok …’ (what do you say; check mate in three).

the next thing was that she wanted to ride alone.
‘daddy which trail are you riding?’ –
‘um not sure …’ –
‘could you go the other way, i want to ride alone!’ –
‘really?’ –
‘daddy pleeeeeeease!’ (cute big eyes) –
‘um sure’.

of course i’m not completely irresponsible, but i figured i can give her a head start and find my way around when necessary.

so this is genuinely nat’s perspective of dirty south & plantation. as always these videos don’t really show how difficult and steep the trails are, it all sort of flattens out. still, interesting point of view.