dirty south is probably now natalie’s new favourite trail. honestly, i totally agree. it is a quintessential (short) enduro trail and it has been part of the east coast titles (where nat competed) and the rollercoaster green valleys round.

we pitched the disco on the green for the day.

kris got a little shade she can hide under. it attaches to the car with two suction cups and offers just enough space for the three of us. we picked it up for $7 at the camping store. nice.

it’s great to have a little pitstop on the way to the next shuttle bus. a muesli bar, a few pieces of fruit, some snakes or dinosaurs and a little water.

9 runs in one day. i admit we did not have to ride up (they have a shuttle service) but that’s still a lot. nat ran the top of dirty south, then switched to plantation at the fire road crossing and back to dirty south just before it ducks out of the bush again. that includes the three very tight corners at the top of dirty south, the two little steep rocky descents and the log roll on plantation and then all the fun berms on the bottom part of dirty south. a great mix.

no wonder nat was tired. she fell asleep in the car again …

it’s more difficult than it looks. and that would be a very respectable time.