we have moved out. so this is it, there is no way back. the house is going to be looked after by our friends who in turn are moving all their stuff in as we speak.

to be honest – and give credit where it is due – kris did most of the work. during the last 2 months we went through all our stuff, gave away many things, sold some and took a fair bit to the tip.

our remaining belongings are stored in the attic, and the things we will need in the next few days are in our granny flat.

our house has not been so empty and clean since … we moved in 8 years ago.

the granny flat on the other hand looks like it has been hit by a yard sale.we’ll probably have to take a running jump from the door to get to the bed.

things might be getting a little tighter from here. no wonder kris is panicking.