last time i got the front tyre sorted, this time it was the rear tyre’s turn.

some of the ingredients: a mousse tube, a new tyre and an empty rim, freshly wirewheeled.


tools of the trade: 3 long straight levers, 3 long curved levers and 2 short levers (i used these 2 until now to replace the rubber tubes). there is also a little 50g tube of lube. the stuff is incredibly slimy and sticky, and this time round i added heaps from an additional container to ensure the tube does not overheat during the condo.


step 1: get the tube into the tyre. not really hard, but next time i’ll leave the inner part of the tube unlubed so it does not spread over my hands, feet, pants, …


#2: fitting the first bead over the rim is a light taste of things to come. nothing a pair of massive levers won’t sort, but some of the ‘technical terms’ used in the effort are not meant for children’s ears.


#3: now this is the interesting bit, the second bead. i start at the rimlock and leave a long lever in there. then work around the rim with a pair of curved levers. it’ll start getting nasty when you’re about two thirds round.

this is where i use a trick i’ve seen on the net and use the two short levers and the tyre machine to push the opposite side into the rim, then the last part is not too bad.



let’s hope it’ll survive the condo.

apologies for the blurry pics.